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    Council of Blackthorn™

    A  Game of Political Intrigue and Power Struggles for 2-6 Players (45-90 minutes).

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Are you interested in a game where one of the players is BEHEADED at the end of the game for treason and you don’t know which player it will be? If so, this is the game for you!

The King of Blackthorn rose to power on the strength of his sword. Once a beacon of strength, he has grown old and is no longer a vital leader of his country. Others have risen to power within his council. In a battle of subterfuge the councilors ruthlessly vie against one another for true control of Blackthorn. Whispers of treason echo through the halls. Whispers from fellow councilors designed to implicate. The King will call for the axe for any he deems a traitor. As a member of the Council of Blackthorn™, you must build influence with the kingdom’s factions to expand your political influence. Rumors, bribes, spies and poison are the tools of your trade. Council of Blackthorn™ is about secretly gaining power while convincing your rival council members that you are not a threat. Deflect all eyes onto your most powerful enemy and take the keys to the kingdom as well as a great seat at his or her execution. Attract too much attention to yourself and the King’s axe will find you!

Rise to power in the King’s council. Weave your political web. Spread rumors. Get your archrival beheaded. It’s been a good day!

Game Overview

Council of Blackthorn™ is a board game for 2 to 6 players (45-90 minutes). Each player assumes the role of a member of the Council of Blackthorn. There are several different council member characters to play. Each player must build influence with the kingdom’s political factions by playing ally and building cards. Custom dice change the game conditions for each round. As players gain influence and power, they also gain hidden treason points. The players that appear to have the most power will typically gain more treason points. The player with the most treason points at the end of the game is beheaded for treason and is removed from the game. The remaining council member with the most total influence points, wins the game.


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