Lucky’s Misadventures

postcard-front_JPEG Directly from Peter_Small

You and your dog Lucky should not have taken the shortcut through the woods that night. How were you to know that you would both end up in the surreal and sometimes dark world of Oddtopia, filled with Tinkerers, Wickeds and Oddlings.

These Tinkerers, Wickeds and Oddlings will help you win challenges, build ancient steampunk machines and gain power. Each player will try to escape Oddtopia by gathering the right combination of cards. They might assemble the ancient’s Time Machine, unite the Three Sisters to cast a spell on you or get Pumpkin Ted to reopen that mysterious portal. But, like all inhabitants of Oddtopia, their actions are limited by the Fates. The Great Mechanical Toad – who must be fed, of course – will reveal your Fate and change the rules for each round.

Will you and Lucky escape or will you stay and become the Great and Powerful Witchcard of Oddtopia?

Lucky’s Misadventures is deck building game like no other for 2-4 players (45 minutes) set in a world unlike anything else:

  • Simultaneous play
    All of the players are constantly involved so there’s very little time to check your phone.
  • Fate cards
    These change the game conditions each round in weird and wonderful ways.
  • Head-to-Head challenges
    Play the strongest cards together to win the challenges and gain free cards.
  • Build Machines
    Combine Junk cards to build cool steampunk machines with strong effects.
  • Instant Wins!
    Gather the right cards at the right time and you can escape Oddtopia and instantly win the game!

The Kickstarter for Lucky’s Misadventures is currently open. Check it out by clicking on the video below:


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