Noble Treachery


Noble Treachery™ is a “tactical” card and dice game for 4 to 6 players (45 -60 minutes). If you like changing your strategy on the fly, back stabbing and lot’s of social interaction, you’ll enjoy Noble Treachery™. Your best laid plans will be foiled by your opponents (every card played changes the game conditions), so always have a back-up plan and a back-up plan for that plan!

In the game Noble Treachery™, the king has died mysteriously without an heir. The first player to form an alliance with the five noble houses will become the next King or Queen of Black Rose. Alliances are formed by playing cards in combination with dice that win either a War or Diplomacy round. The winner of each round typically forms a new alliance. Game time is approximately 1 hour.

Watch a Noble Treachery Quick Demo video here:

If you are planning a game event with 4 to 6 players that have various gaming experiences and your primary focus is social interaction and fun, break out Noble Treachery™.

Noble Treachery™ easily scales to 5 and 6 players without adding significant game time. Check it out !



The time of peace and prosperity for the Kingdom of Black Rose has ended with the untimely and mysterious death of the king. With no heir, it is now up to the five great noble families to choose a successor to the throne. Only the most cunning and treacherous player will be able to unify the five great noble families and claim the crown.

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