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Father Geek Review:

“Noble Treachery can be a handful at times and feel like a wild ride down the highway without having the ability to fully control the vehicle. That is fun for some and disquieting for others, but the game’s length makes certain the chaos never stays too long at the table or overstay its welcome. In fact, many players were upset when the games were over, believing that they still had a chance to win and just needed “one more round” of game play. If ever there was a true indication that a game was enjoyed, it’s the disappointment heard from the players when the game is over.

I very much enjoyed the game and so did everyone who played it with me. It’s light and challenging, rewarding and frustrating. The game’s balance is questionable, but the chaotic shifting never leaves a player in a position of power for any meaningful length of time. Truly, if ever there was a game that attempted to capture the ambiguous nature of politics and intrigue, it’s Noble Treachery. If the game sounds interesting to you, please do seek it out.”

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Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower Review:

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Jarek Smith from Got Game Testers: “Fantastic Game! Fantastic! I cannot explain how much I love this game!”

See the review from Got Game Testers with Jarek Smith!

Rick Perez from Let’s Level Up: “We are definitely going to give this our seal of approval at Let’s Level Up. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun for you guys. I think Jay has designed a great game. Fantastic job you guys.” Summary of review begins at time marker 18:07.

Undead Viking Videos: “It’s one of those games that fits my group perfectly because we enjoy card games that make us think. We enjoy card games that have a relatively small rule set and the underlying strategy and depth of this game far out weighs any mechanics. We really enjoy games that reward us with repeated plays and this game does all of that. This is definitely one of those games that once you play it…it’s like Ahhh…I’ve got to play that again.” Summary of review begins at time marker 31:00.



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