Noble Treachery


The King is dead and without an heir !?! Are you cunning and treacherous enough to unite the five noble houses of Black Rose and be crowned the new King or Queen?

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The time of peace and prosperity for the Kingdom of Black Rose has ended with the untimely and mysterious death of the king. With no heir, it is now up to the five great noble houses to choose a successor to the throne. Only the most cunning and treacherous player will be able to unify the five noble houses and ascend to the throne.

Noble Treachery™ is a card and dice game for 4 to 6 players where players risk their tenuous political alliances during the chaos of war or the treachery of diplomacy to form new alliances with the noble houses of Black Rose. The first player to form an alliance with each of the noble houses becomes the King or Queen of Black Rose and wins the game. Players utilize armies, knights, nobles, clerics, spies, castles, witches, thieves, mages and poison in an ever-changing quest to win the support of the noble houses.

Noble Treachery™ is about thrills, love of the chase, close finishes, moments of shock and comeback victories.


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